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You can grab a sprite of your chosen job class from Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Advance, or Tactics A2 here. Don't know what job you want to pick, or not sure what the sprite is? Hover over a sprite and you'll see what job it is. (To see an alphabetical list of all of the jobs, just look at the dropdown on the join form.)

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final fantasy tactics

Many of the FFT jobs were renamed for the War of the Lions remake. For the most part, the remake names are on the join form, but if you'd rather have the original name just leave a note in the comments when you join and I'll swap it for you.

Squire Chemist Knight Archer Priest/White Mage Wizard/Black Mage Monk Thief
Oracle/Mystic Time Mage Geomancer Lancer/Dragoon Mediator/Orator Summoner Samurai Ninja
Calculator/Arithmetician Dancer Bard Mime Dark Knight Onion Knight

final fantasy tactics advance

Arranged by character race.

Soldier Thief Archer White Mage Black Mage Fighter Paladin Ninja Hunter Blue Mage Illusionist
Warrior White Monk Bishop Defender Dragoon Gladiator Templar
Beastmaster Black Mage White Mage Alchemist Illusionist Morpher Sage Time Mage
Archer Fencer White Mage Assassin Sniper Red Mage Summoner Elementalist
Animist Black Mage Thief Gunner Mog Knight Time Mage Juggler Gadgeteer

final fantasy tactics a2

For the most part these sprites are just slightly different from their FFTA counterparts, but there are quite a few new jobs mixed in. Several of the Moogle job names changed; the original names are on the join form, but if you want one of the new ones just leave me a note in the comments when you join.

Soldier White Mage Archer Black Mage Blue Mage Fighter Hunter
Illusionist Ninja Paladin Parivir Seer Thief
Warrior White Monk Bishop Cannoneer Defender Dragoon Gladiator Master Monk Templar Trickster
Beastmaster Black Mage White Mage Alchemist Arcanist Illusionist Sage Scholar Time Mage
Archer Fencer White Mage Assassin Elementalist Green Mage Red Mage Sniper Spellblade Summoner
Animist Black Mage Thief Chocobo Knight Flintlock Fusilier Juggler Moogle Knight Time Mage Tinker
Berserker Ranger Lanista Viking
Hunter Geomancer Raptor Ravager

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